Give your mums and dads support when they need it most

The period immediately before and after having a new baby can be one of the most challenging periods in your employee’s life.

And the impacts on the workplace are staggering. The latest research into gender equality issues – displayed above – shows that there is no gender pay gap before the birth of the first child. After becoming a parent for the first time, however, enormous gender pay gaps open up almost immediately and never close. The statistics also mask the physical, mental and emotional difficulties faced by new parents, even those that appear to be successful.

Until recently you, as an employer, couldn’t provide hands-on support for new parents. You could provide parental leave and launch other conventional policies. But within the period parental leave itself your employees often left on their own.

Peppy changes all that. You can now make it dramatically easier for your employees to get the expert support they need in the most convenient way imaginable.

Your support will:

• Position your company as family-friendly to attract better employees, particularly women

• Boost engagement and loyalty within your existing teams

• Improve post-parental leave retention (and therefore help to close the gender pay gap)

• Improve the work performance of the secondary carer, who may be suffering from sleep deprivation or highly stressed if their partner is struggling

How it works

You’ll work with us to agree a monthly subscription plan that you can offer all employees.

The plan will either be Peppy Chat Plus or a super-premium employer-only plan that includes everything Peppy Chat Plus offers, plus priority access to the full range of our premium services (e.g. a lactation consultant will visit your employees in their home).

We recommend that you make Peppy available to all employer parents going on parental leave. This will mean that some Peppy services will be available to the partner of your staff member (e.g. Peppy will be available to the partner of a male employee if his partner is the primary carer).

We also recommend that you make Peppy available for each pregnancy, adoption or surrogacy, as the needs of parents may change significantly with each baby.

As an employer who values the health and safety of your employees, you’ll know that every practitioner accessed through Peppy is certified to the highest standards. We’ve developed our strict vetting criteria alongside the leading pre/postnatal professional associations and industry experts, including the National Childbirth Trust.

Find out more

Contact us on hello@peppy.health to find out more.