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Peppy gives you access to a fully certified, fully insured and fully vetted pre and postnatal practitioners all in one place.

Right now you have to rely on word of mouth or Google searches to find a practitioner. It's hit-and-miss and can be very time consuming. If a practitioner is listed on Peppy you know they are the most qualified available.

Many parents don't even know that there are people out there who can support them. We help to spread the word.

We've launched in London and the Home Counties and will expand nationally very soon.

Some of our practitioners can work remotely via Skype so can be booked from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

Peppy is free to access. You only pay if you choose to book an appointment with a practitioner or buy a product listed on our website.

Practitioner fees will vary. Fees depends on the scope of the service, location, practitioner type, their experience and whether the appointment takes place in-person, a home visit or conducted remotely.

Peppy practitioners set their own fees. Search and view practitioner profiles to see a wide range of services and fees.

We've worked closely with all the relevant practitioner associations and organisations such as the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). We've even been invited to attend two separate All Party Parliamentary Groups in Westminster. These relationships have helped us to agree strict vetting criteria for all practitioner types. In fact, we've left it up to the experts and let them dictate minimum requirements.

At a minimum, all Peppy practitioners are required to provide:

– Proof of their professional accreditations. We only accept the leading professional accrediting bodies, and cross-reference the identity of the practitioner with their qualifications.

– Evidence that they are fully insured.

You can find more details in the 'Discover our practitioners' section on our homepage..

We are launching in London and surrounds initially so you won’t be able to attend in-person appointments unless you are able to travel. However, many of our practitioners offer remote appointments using Skype or other online video tools. This means that you can enjoy Peppy from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

If you would like us to provide new services then please let us know. We are keen to provide the widest choice possible but want to ensure high standards.

Not yet but we would love to in the future.

We believe that our model will be a perfect supplement to core NHS services.

We have completed the application process and are currently at pending status. Once we have two years of published accounts we will apply for full status. We are huge fans of the B Corp model. Here’s a brief description of B Corps from their website: ‘By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business.’ See B Corp UK for more details.

For employers

Peppy gives employers an opportunity to provide invaluable support at critical time in the lives of their employees.

Whether it's a new mum who's struggling to breastfeed, a new dad who's sleep deprived because the baby is awake from midnight until 5am, or a mum who's feeling down and losing her confidence, Peppy practitioners are there to help.

Many enlightened employers are open to providing these services but they don't know where to start. They also don't want to deal with all the benefit planning, receipt checking and other administration.

Peppy takes care of it all. Simply allocate a fixed allowance for each employee going on parental leave. Refer the employee to us and we'll do the rest. By working with Peppy you'll show your staff and the world that you really care.

You’ll agree a ‘parental support allowance’ that you’ll make available to all parents going on parental leave (if a man goes on paternity leave the Peppy services will be used by his partner). We recommend that the parental support allowance be set at £500 for each pregnancy, adoption or surrogacy, though it could be as little as £200.

When an employee registers on the Peppy platform for the first time they will be able to access their allowance immediately. They will draw down the allowance when they purchase a practitioner appointment or product listed on the platform. Once the allowance has been used fully they will have the option to purchase further appointments or products using their own funds.

Peppy is a ground-breaking healthcare product. By telling your staff about Peppy you have has the potential to put them on the road to better health. The proposition becomes more compelling when you subsidise appointments but this isn’t necessary.

We will provide anonymised monthly usage reports as standard.

Just email your requirements to info@peppybaby.co.uk and we’ll do the rest.

Our most experienced practitioners welcome opportunities to participate in on-site activities.

For practitioners

We give you access to a pipeline of engaged clients, many of whom will be receiving subsidised support from their employers.

Our model is perfect for practitioners who don’t want the hassle of attracting clients. We know that not every great practitioner is good at marketing or is ready to take the risk of going into private practice without support.

Other practitioners may be already working full time in the NHS or private clinics but want more flexibility. We give them an opportunity to boost their income by working in the evenings or weekends, whether in their own homes or visiting Peppy clients in their homes.

No, we only deal with individual practitioners. A practitioner may work with Peppy clients in an existing clinic of course but our relationship will always be with an individual, not a clinic.

Peppy is 100% free to join.

If a parent books an appointment with you then we deduct a flat 15% commission plus credit card fees.

You set your own appointment fees, and create your own packages, etc. when you create your profile.

Register using the buttons on the become a practitioner page. Then complete a profile, upload a photograph and upload our required documents (see our vetting criteria). We’ll review your profile and if you meet our criteria you'll be ready to go.