Rebecca Haroutunian

Experienced health and fitness coach in Brighton and Hove

About me

Rebecca is a Women’s Health and Fitness Coach, specialising in pelvic floor and core rehabilitation. She is passionate about helping women reconnect with their bodies, building strength from the inside out. Rebecca is a Holistic Core Restore® coach, this is the gold standard in postnatal and pelvic floor strengthen training. She looks forward to helping as many women as possible.

How does it work?
In the first instance, do contact Rebecca to discuss what you're looking for. She does quite a detailed screening on all new clients to make sure you're safe to exercise with her. If she has any concerns, she may advise you to first consult a women's health physiotherapist.

Once we've done the screening, you can go ahead and book one of the packages below:

Rebecca's Qualifications

  • Holistic Core Restore® Coach
  • Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations
  • Holistic Core Restore® Third Age Woman
  • MUTU Pro
  • Level 3 diploma in teaching Pilates

Service packages

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman – 6 weeks – Group

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman is a comprehensive programme designed for women at all stages (from pregnancy, through to postnatal and beyond) who want to work on pelvic floor, core and overall health with a functional exercise programme. We also work on healing, nutrition and lifestyle, plus homework each week to enhance your progress.

The programme is split into two phases – for the first 6 weeks you will attend weekly classes, for the second 6 weeks you will complete an online programme, but with the same level of ongoing support that you will have come to expect from the live portion of the programme.

The second online phase is optional but comes highly recommended by the course’s founder Jenny Burrell and myself.

Upcoming start dates:

  • Wednesday 18 September, 11am-12pm
  • Tuesday 5 November, 8-9pm
  • Wednesday 6 November, 11am-12pm

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman – Phase 2

This 6 week online course builds on what you have learnt from your fist six week Every Woman programme and delivers your exercise sessions straight to your inbox. Phase 2 will ensure you capitalise on what you have achieved already and help you integrate core and pelvic floor exercises into your life on an ongoing basis. You will have access to even more new workouts and resources so you can progress further, with ongoing support from me online. The second online phase is optional but comes highly recommended by the course’s founder Jenny Burrell and myself.

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman – 6 weeks – 1:1

This is a chance to focus on you for 6 weeks – I will work with you in a progressive and holistic way to help you connect with your pelvic floor and strengthen it so that it is fit for purpose. I make sure that no stone is left unturned and will cover your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise habits and rest to make sure that you get the most from our time together.

Holistic Core Restore® – Heat

Heat is a jump-free workout that will kick start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session. Once you’ve gone through the Every Woman programme, Heat is the next step. It will take it up a notch or two in intensity and tempo to get you moving, but with a deep respect for your pelvic health – a sweaty 45-minute class which leaves you feeling like you’ve exercised but knowing that you’ve also actively looked after your pelvic floor. In Heat, Jenny Burrell has created a class that keeps both feet on the ground (if you need to) but still gives you an effective exercise session to promote fat loss.

Next sessions:

  • Wednesday 18 September, 10-10:50am
  • Tuesday 5 November, 7-7:50pm
  • Wednesday 6 November, 10-10:50am



  • Rebecca is an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive coach. I've learnt so much and I've seen noticeable improvements to my diastasis, lower back pain and mummy tummy. I'm delighted!
  • I was devastated when I was diagnosed with a prolapse. However, thanks to Rebecca's support it has improved in just a few months.
  • I've had three big babies so my body had taken a battering! I'd seen a women's health physio and postnatal trainers, but this course has been the most effective thing for strengthening my pelvic floor. Rebecca is so approachable but is also very knowledgeable and motivating too.
  • I thought stress incontinence was normal., but after two weeks of doing the course, I caught a cold and sneezed and nothing happened.