Nicola Watson

Experienced baby sleep consultant based in Chislehurst, SE London, Kent

About me

Nicola is a mother of two with over 20 years of varied and sometimes challenging childcare experience including 9 years as a child sleep consultant.

During her diverse career, Nicola has helped countless children, their parents and carers to get a better night’s sleep. She has a BA (Hons) in Social Science and Psychology and is an OCN accredited Child Sleep Consultant.

Nicola does not believe there is a one size fits all sleep training method that everyone should use so she prefers to tailor the techniques and plan to suit the individual child and family. Nicola will always ensure you end up with a plan that you feel comfortable with, that will also work and lead to improved sleep for everyone.

Nicola works with babies from 0 to 7 years and has successfully worked with twins, triplets, reflux, colic, Hirschsprung disease and much more.

Nicola is a member of the professional body the British Sleep Society and the Sleep Professionals Association as well as the Child Psychology Group. Nicola has written articles on sleep for the NCT and Mother and Baby magazine and has trained both parents and professionals on teaching babies and children to sleep through the night.

But perhaps most significantly Nicola is herself a mother who really understands the importance of a good night’s sleep to families and most importantly to the child.

Nicola's Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) in Social Science and Psychology
  • OCN accredited Child Sleep Consultant

Service packages

Premium package

Premium package
Our most popular package, suitable for most sleep issues.

This includes:

Initial questionnaire
In-depth telephone consultation to identify and discuss the sleep issues and discuss the various methods you can employ to overcome them
A detailed, comprehensive sleep plan with a step by step guide to overcoming the issues identified
Support, advice and guidance throughout the implementation of the plan for up to 5 weeks (further support can be arranged on request)
A face to face consultation may be arranged dependent on location for an additional fee

Basic Package

Basic Package
Suitable for parents and carers with general sleep concerns who are confident in implementing suggestions to move forward.

This includes:

Initial questionnaire
In-depth telephone consultation lasting up to 1.5 hours identifying the problem and presenting tools and methods to solve them.


  • Thank you Nicola for everything! I can’t fault your service, your approach or your results! 3 months on and they are both sleeping through every night and we are all so much happier. Thank you! - Annie
  • After a year of no sleep, we thought that was it and there was no going back. And then we met Nicola, who turned our lives around. Your ongoing advice, support and guidance has been invaluable. I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you again for bringing sanity back into our lives. - Nadine Taylor
  • If you are searching for the answers to your little ones sleep issues then contact Nicola! You will not regret it! Our lives have been transformed by her. Our son sleeps through every night and I am getting there too. Thank you so much x - Karen
  • Nicola is a superhero. At 6months old, our son, Noah was waking hourly throughout the night. I was about go back to work so decided to contact Child Sleep Solutions through a recommendation. Within 3 days of implementing Nicola’s sleep plan we saw a massive improvement. Three weeks later, he was sleeping through the night. Noah is a much happier baby now he has a structured routine and is getting 12 to13 hours sleep each night. Nicola saved us and I would recommend her to anybody. - Lucy P
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