Sarah Oakley

Experienced lactation consultant and baby sleep coach in Cambridgeshire

About me

Sarah initially trained as a registered general nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. On qualifying in 1991 she worked on an acute medical unit as a staff nurse. In 1995, after the birth of her daughter, she moved into community nursing, working with the Fenland District Nurses on the evening service.

In 2002-3 Sarah decided to change direction and trained as a health visitor, gaining BA(Hons) in Primary and Community Care with Specialist Practitioner (Public Health Nursing) at Homerton School of Health Studies, Cambridge. Sarah had always had an interest in working with children and families and this was fuelled by her personal experience of having a child with autism.

Sarah quickly realised that the training provided for heath visitors in breastfeeding was inadequate. So after securing a health visiting role in Ely in 2003, she trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. In 2009 Sarah sat the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants Exam and left her NHS health visiting role and in 2010 joined the Old Exchange Surgery in St Ives as a practice nurse whilst she built up her private work. Sarah have recently left this role to focus entirely on lactation work.

Sarah's hobbies include hen keeping, walking her dog and caring for and riding her rescue pony.

Sarah's Qualifications

  • International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)
  • Registered General Nurse
  • BA(Hons) in Primary and Community Care with Specialist Practitioner (Public Health Nursing) Registered Health Visitor

Service packages

Breastfeeding support – at home

Breastfeeding support - up to 1.5 hours then an additional charge of £30 per hour applies.

Breastfeeding support in clinic

1 hour consultation

Follow up consultation – at home

Consultation is up to 1 hour.

Follow up consultation in clinic

Follow up consultation is 1 hour.

Holistic Sleep Coaching – package one

Sleep diary analysis and sleep plan, one phone/email consultation of one hour and 4 follow up email/phone contacts for up to 6 weeks after plan is provided.

Holistic Sleep Coaching – package two

Sleep diary analysis and sleep plan, face to face consultation of one hour either in the home or clinic (depending in client location) and 4 follow up email/phone contacts for up to 6 weeks after plan is provided.

Holistic Sleep Coaching Workshop for Newborns

Holistic Sleep Group Workshop for newborns (0-6 months). Suitable for expectant and new parents.


  • I thought I’d just send a quick email by way of an update on B. After the initial hysteria, she slept for a few hours and after that didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by it all. No problems with feeding and not grumpy at all. We started to see an improvement in feeding within a couple of days and gradually over the last two weeks, it has continued to improve. She has a lovely deep latch now, but still clicks a little bit especially with a fast flow. We also had her weighed just after the division and she had dropped down the centiles ever so slightly, so she clearly was having problems with feeding those few weeks when she had been so fussy. She appears a much happier/settled baby now and her sleep has returned to a more normal pattern, which is fantastic news for me! My mastitis and cracked nipples have also cleared up at long last! So, a really, really good result, so glad now that we went for it. Many thanks for all your help and advice with getting us this far (5 months) despite all the hurdles.
  • Annabelle is doing really well, we didn’t have any problems with crying or bleeding. Actually so many things have improved, I think that she must have been really struggling to get enough milk earlier. She’s more awake, she’s feeding more frequently, she is doing more and bigger wees. And last night she slept in her moses basket between feeds which meant I got to sleep before 5! It’s also made a difference for me as well because she’s taking more milk so my breasts aren’t so swollen and chapped. We were really impressed with your service which was very professional and kind. We would highly recommend it to other parents in our position.
  • I am a fairly hands-on person – I like to fix things myself if I can. Where I can’t fix a problem on a vehicle, I speak to a mechanic. When I can’t fix a problem with plumbing, I call a plumber. So when breast feeding didn’t get established as easily as I though it was, I called a lactation consultant. Sarah came as quickly as possible, calmed all four of us down, identified and sorted the problem with no fuss. We attended our local breastfeeding group (run by Sarah), with me holding the other child. I expected to feel uncomfortable as a man in a distinctly female environment, but was always made very welcome and included. Our continued commitment to breastfeeding our twins is largely down to Sarah’s calm confidence, knowledge and easy manner.
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