Charmaine Walters

Experienced & Qualified Baby & Toddler Holistic Sleep Coach in SE London

About me

With over 19 years of experience helping and supporting families, Charmaine understands first-hand the toll sleep deprivation has on families. She has worked for many years as a night nanny with newborns and also as a full-time, live-out nanny in families with small children. Her experience of working in various roles in early years including as head of a baby and toddler unit & deputy management stands her in good stead for her work as an independent sleep consultant. In addition, she is a mother which may well be her greatest qualification! She specialises in supporting families with sleep issues using gentle, respectful, evidence-based methods of sleep shaping/training. She is a member of the IACSC (International Association for Child Sleep Consultants).

Charmaine believes that learning to sleep independently is a skill that parents and carers can teach babies with tenderness, sensitivity and patience, and that every baby (and their parents) can enjoy a good night’s sleep with a positive, gentle approach and strategies that suit the individual needs of the baby and the family as a whole.

She can help you identify possible reasons why your baby toddler or preschooler is struggling with sleep, and help you plan effective gentle strategies that work!

Charmaine's Qualifications

  • Cache Level 3 (NNEB - National Nursery Examining Board)
  • OCN Level 3 Sleep Training
  • OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching ( in progress)

Service packages

Express consultation

This package is perfect if you have a plan of action in mind already or you need some quick questions answered. Some mums find having a conversation with me and bouncing around ideas is enough to support them on their journey to solving their little ones.


– A Video or Telephone Consultation session with Charmaine (Max 60mins) - I will send you a pre-assessment questionnaire to ascertain background information sleep history, parenting type, etc. During our call we will discuss your background info to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. I will help to Identify the potential cause of your little one's sleep struggles and offer suggestions, ideas and way forward to help you on your journey back to sleep.

– x2 Sleep classes will also be included to help you on the journey back to sleep.

– Access to The Soundly Sleeping Facebook community - for ongoing support from other mums in the same boat as you.

– A recording of the call for you to play back if and when you need to.

Sleep Support with a Tailored Sleep Plan (4 week plan)

A personalised sleep solution and four weeks coaching/support. This Package is perfect if you're exhausted, need a plan created for you and need at least 4 weeks of ongoing mentoring, coaching and support to help you get a great start on the journey towards sleep.


– x 4 Weekly telephone/video consultations. I will send you a pre-assessment questionnaire to ascertain background information sleep history, parenting type etc. During our first call we will discuss your background info to gain a deeper understanding of the situation and to effectively plan your sleep solution.

– Follow-up meeting to discuss how to implement to ensure you are fully happy with the plan.

– Tailored & personalized sleep solution - a step by step plan of action/solutions designed with your little one in mind emailed to you -With unlimited revisions. We will work together and won't take action with the sleep plan until you are happy with it & I am confident that the plan will work with minimal stress to you and your little one.

– Email follow-ups for 4 weeks - once we have agreed on a plan and decided on a date to start you will have access to my personal email. The main point of the support is to ensure clarity and confidence throughout the sleep shaping process.ail address to ask me any question, gain clarity on points in the plan you don't understand, any concerns you have just email me.

– Text/WhatsApp/FB messenger support – sometimes when in the midst of the plan (or at 3am) you have questions or situations that come up that need fast answers, or perhaps you have a crisis of confidence and need a quick morale boost. For the 4 weeks you have quick (sometimes even instant) access to me via text message or FB messenger. I do my endeavour best to be available quickly for questions and or moral support on the first few days and nights of your plan and thereafter too if need be!!

– Free Access to The Soundly Sleeping Club Membership portal - access to all sleep classes live clinics and resources that will help you get a better understanding of sleep and get more sleep.

– Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Community - for ongoing support from other mums in the same boat as you.



  • I was desperate to change my babys sleep habits & Charmaine was recommended by a friend, she came to visit with me created a plan and was with me every step of the way. The fact that I could text her day or night for moral & emotional support was invaluable, and she really helped me to recognise my babies unique cues, thanks to her advice i feel confident and my baby is sleeping so well. She somehow unlocked the mothers intuition within me that i doubted existed. I'd recommend her to anyone. Mrs Murray. Chelsea (London, UK)
  • Charmaine was wonderful – she was recommended to us by a friend. She gave us great advice and help on sorting out the routine – and he is now sleeping through the night – she was reliable and punctual and we would definitely recommend her.” Mrs Pollis Fulham (London, UK)
  • Charmaine offers a great alternative to the cry it out school of sleep training. I attended one of her recent workshops & found it very useful. Lots of practical tips backed by science and a real understanding of what causes sleep issues. Shes also warm approachable and great fun. Julie Dodd London UK
  • I attended Charmaine's toddler sleep workshop and thought it was brilliant. We are already seeing a change in our toddlers sleep and have had 2 nights with no waking! Jasmine Morris London UK
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