Rachel Fraser

Experienced Clinical Psychologist working in Scotland and, where safe, via Skype

About me

I am a senior clinical psychologist with many years’ experience working around pregnancy birth and early parenthood, and with people struggling with their mental health and trauma. I am also the mother of two children, with experience both of traumatic birth, and of how different and positive subsequent birth experience can be.

I work in Glasgow (and sometimes online where it's safe to do so) with all issues related to fertility, pregnancy, loss, birth trauma and parenthood and my practice centers around creating a containing and non-judgmental space with clients where it feels safe enough to explore and process some of the difficult feelings and experiences they have had. I will listen, and I will help you find hope that you can feel better, and take joy in your life and your pregnancy, birth, baby and beyond.

I work integratively which means I use the different theories in which I am qualified to best help you. This often has a lot to do with attachment theory, and psychodynamic theory, but often uses more active elements cognitive therapy, and some very practical ideas and solutions.

Often all that is needed is a few sessions with a qualified, supportive ear to make sense of your experience, and to get some help in how you might move forward happily. Sometimes a period of therapy is the best help, whether that's with me, or another professional.

I’m very happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Rachel's Qualifications

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • MSc Mental Health Studies (psychodynamic Psychotherapy)
  • Solihull Parenting
  • Mentalisation-based Therapy
  • Reflective Parenting Training
  • Behavioural Family Therapy

Service packages

Preparing for Birth

This is an opportunity to pause, and reflect upon the changes happening in your life with expert support.

It may be that you have a particular issue or anxiety, or that you simply want to think through the many changes that come with pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent, whether that's adjustments which are practical, emotional, relational or professional.

This package comprises two 50-minute sessions.

Birth Trauma Consultation

Having a baby can be a wonderful experience, but for many birth doesn't work out as we had hoped.

There are lots of reasons why you may feel your birth was traumatic, and often that's not because of medical complications. The good news is that in the majority of instances, talking this through with an experienced and qualified psychologist can help you make sense of this, and move from the pain of birth trauma to enjoying parenthood as you would wish.

This package comprises one 80 minute session, and two 50 minute sessions. The need for further opportunity to talk, and recommendations can be provided thereafter if this is needed.

(If the request is for online consultation, a free 15-20 minute Skype or telephone call will be offered in the first instance to assess whether online work is safe and advisable.)

Single Session Consultation

It may be that you just wish to talk through some aspect of your experience between conception and early parenthood, and that's fine.

I offer 50-minute sessions for this, and will be glad to talk through and advise if further contact with a talking therapy or mental health professional might be advisable.

Return to Work

There are lots of issues which spring up in relation to return to work- some you might have predicted and some which can take you by surprise. Talking these through with a psychologist experienced in this area, and a mother myself, can help you feel supported, prioritise and face these complex changed with confidence.

Commonly parents talk to me about:
- guilt about leaving their baby
- guilt about looking forward to returning to work
- anxiety about work performance
- anxiety about the effect on the relationship with their baby/ maintaining the parent-infant bond
- issues around feeding, time management and childcare
- deciding what childcare to arrange
- adjusting to different roles in life, and different priorities
- managing competing demands

This service comprises three 50-minute sessions.

Perinatal Assessment

This is a two session assessment for issues arising in the perinatal period (from conception to early parenthood), where you don't feel these are well-described by other packages. The aim in two sessions is usually to get a good sense of what's happening for you and how it's come to be, and to provide some advice about what might help you manage this- whether that's practical ideas or recommendations for further treatment. As a psychologist I have lots of experience with different types of therapy, so can advise what might best suit if that's something you're interested in.

Common issues in the perinatal period include:
Fear of birth or parenthood
Anxiety and worry
Difficulties with your mood
Issues to do with current or past trauma
Relationship difficulties
Difficulties with adjustment to parenthood/ bonding

You don't have to feel alone with these difficulties, and talking to a skilled professional really can help.