Fern Bishop

Sleep consultant working in the South West and the Cotswolds

About me

I am Maternity Night Nanny and Sleep Consultant providing care to tired parents and precious babies in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds. I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire with my husband Joe and our two beautiful children. Ten years ago I began working as a nanny and swiftly fell in love with the role. It is my dedicated passion to empower parents and support them in their most vulnerable moments, whether they feel on top of the world or totally overwhelmed. I provide postnatal support, offering a hands on, respectful approach. My sleep techniques and approach are gentle and holistic in nature and a sleep plan bespoke to your families needs will be put in place, once we have found an approach suitable. Your child will never be left to cry alone or feel abandoned. We will never use harsh quick fix methods. I will equip you with the tools and support you need to successfully work towards better sleep goals for your whole family and get that tricky sleeper, sleeping! You will feel confident and comfortable with the techniques we put in place so that you can commit to the plan for effective results. I require a 48 hour diary and an in-depth phone call or home visit prior to any night time support.

Fern's Qualifications

  • Level 4 OCN accredited training in Infant Sleep & Sleep Training
  • Level 3 Diploma in Childcare (distinction)
  • Millpond sleep clinic CPD
  • Advanced Sleep practitioner CPD
  • Level 3 OCN accredited training in Infant reflux and allergies
  • Level 3 OCN accredited training in Postnatal Depression
  • Level 3 OCN accredited training in Breastfeeding
  • Level 4 diploma in Nutrition for children and adolescents (distinction)
  • Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching

Service packages

Troubleshooting session

For a Home Visit without a bespoke sleep plan or dedicated after support- suitable for those who require a 'troubleshooting' consult session only. I will visit your home and carry out an in-depth consultation lasting for up to two hours, within this time I will take extensive notes and provide you with real-time advice and guidance that you can implement immediately to see positive changes, I will then follow this up with a re-cap email for your reference.

Please note that the cost for twins is £250

Consultation and Bespoke Sleep Plan Package

Within this package I provide a home visit, typically lasting up to 2 hours whereby we will carry out an in-depth assessment of your current set up and circumstances, meet your family and discuss your parenting ethos and wishes and marry these up to the changes you'd like to see and how you'd like to achieve them. I will then take this information and provide you with a bespoke written sleep plan in PDF form a few days later which will act as a detailed manual. I will then be on hand to provide ongoing after support (starting from 7 days package dependent) to guide and support you as you put the techniques into practise to help you achieve a better balance and optimise sleep with your child.

*Please note the price for twins is £500

Sleep Coaching

For a more hands on approach, I will stay within your home overnight and work with you to guide your child into better sleep habits. This is the most involved method and allows me to see your family home and circumstances in real time, so that I can coach you from Bath time to Morning time and answer all questions/trouble shoot unexpected issues as they arise. We form a team to create the best environment for your child as we address and correct sleep disturbances and discomforts, using gentle and responsive techniques that you as a parent feel confident and comfortable with, ultimately helping your child achieve the sleep they require. £21 per hour (standard 10-12 hour night, variations in requirements will be accommodated to ensure the highest standard of care is provided)


  • 'Fern arrived just as we were on the brink of collapse as a family. Utterly exhausted and with no idea where to go next, we contacted Fern via a friends recommendation. She has been our saviour. Our little boy was waking almost hourly, sometimes less and seemed inconsolable. We felt at a complete loss and absolutely desperate for help. Fern is like magic. Within one night things already seemed so much brighter, he was happier, better rested, calmer. By Fern's final night with us (night 5) He slept through 6pm-7am and has done ever since. We still have to pinch ourselves... but it's true! and it's all thanks to Nanny Fern.' E.O.
  • 'Fern came to our house and really listened to all the ins and outs of our sleep situation, She was so easy to talk to as-well as being very thorough. Fern bought it all together to give us instant clarity on what was going on. The following night was as sleepless as ever, but the night after that our baby slept through for the first time!' J&R. C.
  • I have an 8 week old little boy who I was struggling to get to sleep on his own or for a period longer than 1/2 an hour. Fern came to the rescue after I’d had about 10 nights of no sleep - didn’t know how I was going to get out of this cycle. She was so lovely with me, my husband and our little boy. We felt totally at ease with her. We’ve seen a huge change in his sleep cycle and he can sleep for 4-5 hours in a row and doesn’t need to be on me. Things are now improving daily. When Fern was here it also meant I got to rest and catch up on my sleep & spend time with my husband. Our little boy was so happy with her. I couldn’t recommend her enough! I don’t know what I would have done otherwise! -K.H
  • Nanny Fern is like a sprinkle of fairy dust, with buckets of warmth, love and total empathy for our situation, she provided a huge depth of knowledge and support which helped our twin boy be diagnosed with CMPA and later helped him gently stroll from waking nearly every hour or less to sleeping through the night.. in just 4 days!!! We cannot thank her enough and recommend her highly enough! She has a clear love for what she does and the reason We felt completely confident in her approach is due to her always ensuring the baby’s emotional welfare is paramount. She is a modern day Mary Poppins! - A.D
  • We asked fern to help us get our 19 month old toddler to sleep better & in his own bed. We had previously been using the gentle parenting approach to sleep, but Finn had got in the habit of waking hourly for feeds... and we were all exhausted including him! We still wanted the sleep support to be gentle, loving & no crying it out. Fern coached us to teach Finn a gentle consistent and loving method to help Finn get a better nights sleep. I felt that throughout the transition we were by his side the whole time comforting and calm, and he never cried that long. We now are a happier family and Finn has happier days were we play & explore more due to Finn napping less during the day. He is also eating better as he’s not snacking all night. She is an incredible sleep coach and a truly lovely person thank you fern. - J.A
  • Fern is brilliant. Her advice was easy to follow, tailored for our baby and very quickly effective in getting him sleeping soundly. She has been on-hand throughout with caring and conscientious support. I've spoke to her every day, and she always ready to help! - K.B
  • Fern quite literally changed our life! On a number of recommendations we decided to get some help with our little man’s sleeping and Fern was a delight from the start. Non judgemental, so patient with us and our boy. Due to other commitments and illness we changed our strategy a number of times and fern did everything she could to go over and above to fit with us and help us! A month later and our bad nights are now 10 times better than our old good nights! We can’t recommend Fern highly enough! Thank you!! - R.A
  • Fern has such a gentle, approachable and infectious personality and makes you feel very comfortable. She is incredibly calm and discreet when staying overnight. She had fantastic advice for my son, which was specific to him, and she was so helpful and supportive. We would recommend her without any hesitation! Thank you for your kindness and your help Fern x - V.A
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