Rozanne Hay

Renowned Child Sleep Specialist, offering a whole-child centred approach

About me

As the UK Representative and Director of Continued Education for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants,
Rozanne stays ahead in matters of Sleep to bring her mentees and parents the most up to date information, by frequently attending International sleep conferences and events.

Rozanne tailors a bespoke programme for your baby or child, balanced with your family's needs. She draws down equally from both intuition and experience to find a solution that supports your child to learn to enjoy sleep.

Sleep habits must be viewed as a positive experience for a baby or child, and this is the core of Rozanne's work in jump-starting your baby's healthy sleep habits.

As a mother to 4 children, Rozanne is too well aware of the debilitating effects of broken, sleepless nights This, in addition to your recovery from birth, can make the entire experience of motherhood an intimidating one in the beginning.

Baby Sleep Rescue is a rescue package for exhausted parents, and those who want to get their children off the starting block to a healthy sleep pattern.

Rozanne's Qualifications

  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant - Family Sleep Institute, 2014
  • Sleep Practitioner - Royal College of Nursing accred. 2012
  • Enhanced DBS

Service packages

Home visits

All home visits include a follow-up 'Sleep Management Plan' and 1 week support. A Home visit includes observing your child settling to sleep or their bedtime routine.

Travel costs may be charged in addition.


  • Rozanne Hay was a huge help with our daughter in the first few months of her life. She helped us to encourage her to develop good sleeping habits and was very sympathetic, kind and understanding. She had a holistic and gentle approach to sleep, which we found worked. Our daughter slept well from the start thanks to Rozanne’s guidance and once she was big enough to sleep through the night Rozanne helped us to encourage good sleeping habits in a very calm and gentle way. Rozanne has continued to provide support despite the fact that she is no longer coming to our house and is very kind and dedicated. I would thoroughly recommend Rozanne and would definitely ask for her help with another child! Hannah Seymour, London
  • ‘Rozanne is a Child Sleep Specialist and she had such amazing advice during this time and her methods have helped me greatly’ ...Fearne Cotton, quote in her latest book ‘Quiet’ - published Dec 2018
  • "Rozanne bought her calm nature to a fragile environment and it was hugely comforting to have someone with such experience and skill in our home. We grew fond of her very quickly. Her counselling skills were also of great benefit to all our family in the house at the time. I cannot recommend her hugely enough. Rozanne would be undoubtedly an excellent choice"... Emily, London
  • I feel very fortunate to have found Rozanne when I did. My 4 month old baby had just started giving me a hard time with her sleeping schedule and Rozanne was a huge help for the short time she was with us. At 6 months old she visited us again for a 3 week period, during which I would say she rescued me. Ever since and until 16 months old my baby's sleeping patterns were flawless and she was a well-rested and happy baby. The wonderful thing about Rozanne is that she is such a warm and comforting presence. It's like having an older sister around. She is patient, down to earth and nurturing. She is never pushy or condescending and makes you believe that everything will be alright when you are having a hard time figuring out your baby. My only regret is that I didn't meet her with my first child! Badiya Attar, Jeddah
  • Rozanne has an immense amount of knowledge about childcare, feeding, reflux, and most importantly the science behind baby sleep states and cycles. She discussed developmental milestones, and changes that can disrupt sleep patterns. Her sound advice is based on years of experience looking after babies many with reflux, colic and health issues. She has researched and is trained in every aspect of newborn care. I noticed immediately how lovely she was at handling Felix. She has a gift. She is gentle and softly spoken and would chat away to Felix. He always had a smile for Rozanne. We had originally booked Roxane for 3 weeks but we saw how content a baby Felix was and how relaxed and happy a mum I was (a totally different experience from our first) so we asked to extend her contract. Louise Cooper, Guildford
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