Lauren Peacock

Experienced and gentle child sleep consultant working throughout the UK

About me

When my own little boy wasn't sleeping well, I felt I was failing. Despite reading everything the internet had to offer on the subject, I couldn't find a way to help him sleep well - and leaving him to cry felt too unnatural to ever be an option. Resolving his sleep challenges in a gentle way, ignited a passion for child sleep so strong that I turned my back on an established legal career and retrained to be able to help other tired families.

Having initially trained and worked within a well-known sleep consultancy, I undertook further and broader study, enabling me to view sleep more holistically and, ultimately, created Little Sleep Stars.

My core belief is that children should be supported to reach their sleep potential - not trained to sleep at all costs. By responding to your little one and being there for them every step of the way as they acquire the skills and confidence to sleep well, great sleep can be achieved without the process being an ordeal - for parent or child.

Children and adults alike need good quality sleep to be happy and healthy. Whilst the arrival of a baby naturally impacts the sleep a new parent has been used to, by using gentle, evidence-based and tailored techniques, I will provide you with the information, tools and support not only to improve your family's sleep situation right now, but also to keep things on track as your little one grows.

Our children are our most precious things and so it's important that the professional you choose is the right fit for your family. To get a feel for me, how I work and to ask me any questions about working together, please email me at to arrange a free and no obligation chat.

Lauren's Qualifications

  • OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching (pending)
  • CPD Sleep Nanny Academy, OCN Quality Mark

Service packages

Sleep Shaper

Perfect for babies under 4 months and parents-to-be to gently optimise sleep with your precious new arrival. You will receive a Little Sleep Stars Newborn Sleep pack, containing helpful handouts and go-to guides and have 60 minutes of call time to be used as and when you feel it would be most helpful. to support you in those early months.

Sleep Solution

My one-to-one sleep package comprises a detailed assessment of your current sleep situation, a 90 minute face-to-face (online) consultation and the support you need as you implement the agreed plan by way of six support calls. Crucially, I will provide the ongoing support to keep sleep on track so you can be sure your results will be long-lasting.

Suitable from 18 weeks to 6 years old


  • My daughter who is 15 months had never ever slept through the night...often waking multiple times and taking a long time to settle. Only a week after making small changes with Lauren's help she is now sleeping brilliantly! Lauren is compassionate, thorough, straight talking and extremely supportive whether by email or telephone. Highly recommended.
  • For two whole years I was a walking zombie, until I cracked and enlisted Lauren to help me to work on a plan to increase our toddler's night time and nap time sleeping. Within 3 days she was sleeping through the night and by the end of the week her naps had extended to 2 hours. All this without a single "cry it out" moment. I can't recommend Lauren or her approach enough. Life changing!
  • It was with some reticence that I contacted Lauren as I thought that I could "fix" my 10 month old's poor sleeping patterns myself. I did try some things but was confused by the huge quantities of sometimes conflicting information I could find online. Our daughter was taking over an hour to go to sleep for naps and sleep time and was very distressed. I wanted a gentle approach and that's what Lauren gave us and now we are all happier. Our once tricky sleeper now sleeps all night and goes to sleep herself after a kiss and cuddle goodnight from us. It's bliss! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lauren!
  • Lauren is so calm and reassuring - when you're pulling your hair out and feeling delirious from sleep deprivation, she's exactly the person you need to tell you that it's all going to be ok, your child is normal, you're doing a good job, and to then help you find a way forward. When we started working with Lauren, we were in the third month of Ollie not sleeping for more than 45 minutes, day or night. I was threatening to pack a bag a leave because I just couldn't cope, and I ended up with a referral for maternal depression - that's how bad the sleep deprivation was. My partner had come down with shingles from the stress, and our little boy was just so unhappy. It took a couple of days of working with the plan Lauren created for us before Ollie realised something was going on, and within a couple of weeks he was getting the hang of it - within a month we were putting him to bed at 7pm and he was sleeping through until 6.30am. Happy mummies, happy baby!
  • I am so grateful to Lauren for the work she has done with us. We are a million miles away today from where we started off. I was sceptical about the process (as I am sure a lot of parents are), and I genuinely thought there is no hope for sleep for us as my son is 2.5 years old and I thought we were too late for any sleep training. But Lauren has been absolutely brilliant and understanding and patient and very professional. It sounds silly, but I never thought my son is capable of falling asleep by himself, and now I can see that he is happier and healthier, having learnt this skill, and so are we, of course. I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough!
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