Lucy Hodge

Experienced children's physiotherapist specialising in babies and prematurity

About me

Lucy is a dedicated and effective children's physiotherapist and yoga teacher with over twelve years of paediatric experience.

Lucy is a specialist paediatric physiotherapist with extensive experience of working with babies, children and young people in the NHS and private sector. This includes work in the acute, community and clinic settings, with significant experience in working with schools and nurseries and their staff.

Lucy's specialisms include babies and pre-school age children, including those born prematurely. Lucy is passionate about babies and children moving and functioning to the best of their ability and she loves helping families with achieving this together!

Lucy wants parents and carers to feel empowered with knowledge about their child's unique developmental pathway and feel confident in how and when to help...and when not to.

Lucy's Qualifications

  • Physiotherapy BSc
  • Bobath Trained

Service packages

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (up to 1 hour)

Ideal for 'baby MOTs', concerns about leg/foot posture, walking or developmental delay

This will involve:
An in-depth conversation about your concerns and the history.
Observation of your child’s movement, motor skills, interaction and play and hands-on assessment if needed.
Discussion about the plan /ongoing treatment if necessary.
Initial advice and strategies to address areas of need.

Complex Initial Assessment

Complex Initial Assessment (1 1/2 - 2 hours)

For children with more complex history or disability or those under case management

This will involve:
An in-depth conversation about your concerns, history, professionals involved etc.
Observation of your child’s movement, motor skills, interaction and play and hands-on assessment.
Discussion about the plan /ongoing treatment.
Initial advice and strategies to address areas of need.

Follow Up Appointment

Follow Up Appointment (45 minutes – 1 hour)

This will involve:
Treatment as required, using hands-on or off methods depending on your child’s needs.
Use of play to keep it fun and motivating!
Provision and progression of detailed advice, activities and /or programme.
Ongoing monitoring and review of progress

Block of 6 Follow Up Sessions

Block of 6 Follow Up Sessions


  • I contacted Lucy as I was becoming increasingly anxious with regards to my 3 month old daughters development. My health visitor and GP were not supportive with regards to my concerns. Lucy was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I acted on the recommendation. I was worried that my daughter had one arm stronger than the other and also that she felt somewhat “floppy” in comparison to other babies of the same age. Lucy gave me honest explanations and expectations and was so supportive with the advice and guidance provided. She has given me the confidence to assist my daughter gain strength and has given me the reassurance that I needed as a first time mother. I cannot thank Lucy enough and I know that she is always there if I have any questions or concerns. Rebecca - Mother
  • Lucy was brilliant with my daughter. When we started, Ines was 4 months old and had torticollis and would clench her right arm on many occasions. Lucy was very warm and engaged with Ines beautifully. She taught me how to do physio without forcing my daughter, just by changing how I did day to day things, like changing her nappy or playing with her. She gave me lots of tips and provided expert advice, as well as giving me comfort in that with work, evolution could be positive. Lucy helped Ines to successfully get rid of her tight neck completely and develop her right arm, and at 1.5 years old now, I can happily say there is practically no difference in how Ines uses both arms. Thank you very much for your professional help and your human touch. Carmen - Mother
  • When my daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, mixed spastic and dystonic, I desperately wanted to do everything possible to help her reach her fullest potential. Having Lucy Hodge as her physiotherapist does exactly this and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lucy is an incredibly passionate and talented individual. Her handling skills are amazing and she is also an excellent teacher, empowering my husband and I to confidently play with and hold our daughter in a way that means she continues to have opportunities to develop outside of her physio sessions. Lucy puts my daughter at the centre of her care and is proactive in joining up with the various other therapists we see. Annabelle has gained so much from working with Lucy and, very importantly, has had a lot of fun whilst doing so! Abi - Mother