Mandy Gurney

Renowned sleep expert with 30 years' experience. Trains NHS staff.

About me

I’m Mandy Gurney the founder of Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic, and over the last 25 years have become one of the UK’s leading authorities on Children’s sleep. In this time I have had the great pleasure of helping thousands of parents with their children’s sleep. I am a registered nurse, a registered midwife and a health visitor and the mother of two. Since 2007 I have been commissioned by NHS Trusts to run sleep workshops for health professionals across the UK and I recently completed an exciting commission to train half the Public Health Nurses in The Republic of Ireland. I am the author of two sleep books. Even before my son was born I had spent years working, as a health visitor and midwife, with worn-out parents of new babies and young children. But it was my experience with my own baby that made me realise what sleep deprivation was about. He suffered with very severe food allergies and bad reflux. He cried day and night, because he was in so much pain. I knew I needed help. When I returned to work as a health visitor I asked colleges ‘how do I get my baby to sleep better?’, no one knew. Fired up by the realisation that there was a real need for sleep support for parents, I set out to make myself a sleep expert; I wanted to be able to help other people in the same situation. I read and researched children’s sleep problems and set up a sleep clinic in St Charles hospital London. The clinic was quickly inundated with referrals. The methods I used got great results, and were the catalyst I needed to launch Millpond Sleep Clinic in 2000. The clinic’s reputation spread and the team of sleep experts grew. Millpond now work with families all over the world. And nowadays, myself and the team of sleep specialists can be seen everywhere from TV to the national press, websites and seminars. We work with leading brands such as "In The Night Garden", "Mothercare", "The Gro Company" and "Made for Mums". We’re proud to be able to say that we succeed in 97% of cases.

Mandy's Qualifications

  • Registered nurse
  • Registered health visitor
  • Qualified trainer of NHS healthcare practitioners
  • Registered midwife

Service packages

Flexi sleep package

For babies, toddlers and school aged children.

This option is suitable for parents who wish to pay for their sleep consultations as they go.

The initial consultation includes:
– An assessment of your child’s sleep issue by your dedicated, experienced, qualified health professional
– A telephone consultation lasting up to an hour, during which your child’s sleep pattern is discussed creating a personalised sleep solution
– A written, tailored step by step sleep plan; developed specifically for your child, your family and your particular problem

Additional follow-on consultations

You may wish to have additional support and guidance from your sleep consultant to help you with your plan. We recommend this is taken within 6 months from the start of your original sleep programme.
This includes:
• Two telephone review consultations, each lasting up to 30 minutes, where we discuss and plan the next stages of your programme.
• Individual ongoing email support in-between your sessions from your sleep consultant whilst actively managing your sleep programme.

Core sleep package

For babies,toddlers and school aged children.

Most of our families choose the core sleep package. It offers on-going support from your individual sleep therapist throughout your sleep programme, over four consultations. Ensuring you get the right support will help you keep your sleep plan on track and tackle the ‘what ifs’ that often pop up when you are changing your child’s routine.
This sleep package includes:

An initial assessment of your child’s sleep diary and questionnaire prior to your consultation your dedicated experienced, qualified health professional.
– A telephone consultation, lasting up to an hour during which your child’s sleep is discussed.
– A tailored sleep programme developed specifically for your child, your family, your particular problem.
– A written report of your programme to follow.
– Three review consultations by telephone to assess and plan the next stages of your programme.
Individual email support from your sleep therapist.

Siblings’ sleep package

We offer a four week sleep programme for siblings. The siblings’ package is for families with more than one child with a sleep problem. Each child’s sleep issues will be individually assessed and their own sleep plan developed specifically for their needs.

Young baby consultation

Whilst we would not expect babies under four months old to sleep solidly right through the night, this one off consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss how to encourage good sleeping habits early on; to understand sleep patterns and their development and to discuss how to start a gentle routine for your baby.

This consultation includes:
– An assessment of your baby’s current sleep schedule by an experienced, qualified health professional
– A telephone consultation lasting up to 30 minutes;
– An additional support email to be taken within four weeks of your original consultation
– A complimentary copy of Millpond’s book ‘Teach Your Child to Sleep’ RRP £9.99.


  • 'So, after a long and stressful few months with our 8 year old, I was fortunate to meet Mandy who was fabulous and provided me with with some strategies...... we are now back to enjoying family life, with smooth bedtimes and a well rested, happy and content young lady. Late sleep phase training is hard as you are all exhausted, but preserving has definitely paid off. Thank you!!!!'
  • 'Millpond has changed our life! We had sleep issues with our eldest daughter from the age of 2-5 and finally when I was pregnant with our third child we decided enough was enough and we had to act. Millpond (Mandy) gave us very gradual, gentle, step by step techniques to teach our daughter to fall asleep by herself which more or less eradicated night wakings!! Then with our third baby we developed bad habits which evolved from not always following a set routine and not wanting to wake the other 2 children during the night so always taking the easiest/quickest and quietest way to get her to sleep/back to sleep which led to frequent night wakings and always having to rock or co-sleep which was taking its toll. Again millpond’s more or less cry free step by step method has got my youngest daughter (14 months) falling asleep by herself at bedtime, fewer night wakings and being able to settle quickly in her cot if she does wake! We are so grateful 😃 worth every penny!!!'
  • 'At 3 months my little boy started waking every 40 to 90 minutes at night. 😱 By 5 1/2 months my husband and I were walking zombies and tearing our hair out. All I thought and talked about was sleep - I was obsessed, but nothing we tried seem to make a difference. Then a friend of mine recommended Millpond. At first I was reluctant to use a phone based service but I needn’t have been. After the initial conversation with Mandy, I felt so reassured and certain that she could help. What I really valued was that, unlike other sleep consultants that friends have utilised, with Millpond there is no one size fits all approach. Mandy made sure that she had the full picture and knew what we were comfortable with before devising a programme. Within a month we had gone from waking every 40 to 90 minutes to sleeping through the night and having ditched the dummy. I can honestly say that Millpond was revolutionary. Mandy helped us to save our sleep and our sanity. The whole family was much happier for it! Thank you Mandy!
  • “Life was already exhausting with a 3 and a half year old, 6 month old, a house renovation project, my husband’s busy job and my impending return to work as a doctor. But with our baby boy waking every 1 ½ to 2 hours all night long and spending most of the night in our bed (with my husband in the spare room), we felt close to breaking point at times. I hadn’t had more than 2 hours sleep in a row for months. I found Mandy at Millpond Sleep Clinic using Google; I liked the website, testimonials and other positive comments on mumsnet etc. I was also impressed that Millpond train NHS staff. Things have improved so much since we worked with Mandy and I felt the methods were gentle, and specifically addressed all the issues. Life is still exhausting but we are getting enough sleep to cope with it now! Thank you! Dawn, Perth
  • Our little boy is 8 months old. He didn’t have the easiest start suffering with eczema, allergies and reflux from only a few weeks old, so it is safe to say he has never really slept for any notable period of time - at night or in the day. Thanks to all the supportive work we did with Mandy our little boy now naps in the day in his cot (he would only sleep on us or in the car before!) and he is sleeping at night in his own room! Not only this but as a result he is eating better and is a much happier child (with much happier parents) It’s such a world away from how things were before we started our sleep program. You don’t realise how crucial sleep is until you aren’t getting any! Thanks to the Millpond sleep clinic, we are forever grateful x
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