Pip Skinner

Holistic Core Restore® coach in Reigate

About me

I have continue to attend courses on an annual basis since qualifying as a personal trainer and am passionate about women's wellness. I have furthered my studies to become a Holistic Core Restore® coach. This means I have a deep understanding of the body changes and issues women go through both in terms of pelvic floor and how this relates to the core.

Whether you're pregnant for the first time or an experienced mum to many children going through the life changes, I can help you get fitter and stronger with tailored mum-friendly exercises that will leave you feeling more able to tackle the demands of daily life. My classes are very sociable too so hopefully you'll also get to meet lots of new friends along the way.

Pip's Qualifications

  • Holistic Core Restore® coach
  • Personal Trainer

Service packages

Personal training

Specialist personal trainer for women.
Deep understanding of pregnancy, post natal and menopause and how to help get you fitter and stronger in these life stages.

Holistic core restore coach

12 week course - 6 weeks live plus 6 weeks online
Suitable for those looking to improve their pelvic floor and core strength including those with mild prolapse, and diastasis recti
Holistic approach including self care, breathing, healthy lifestyle and returning to fitness and strength


  • The classes have been great to build up strength and power in all those places that seem to be wobbly after a baby! I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly thanks to Pip and was playing competitive netball after 4 months of giving birth. None of this would have possible, in the time frame, if I hadn't gone to classes. - Louisa
  • I found the programme extremely beneficial! The gap in my stomach muscles has almost gone, I have increased definition and am well on the way to getting my pre mummy tummy back. I found the one to one sessions really useful and enjoyable - it was great to really focus on my body in a positive way for the first time in quite some time. I had great results from focused exercises for a very small and manageable amount of time each day - Gillian
  • Following the first pregnancy I was left with a diastasis. After my second pregnancy it got worse and increased leaving me with a larger protrusion and a gap that was 3 fingers in width. I also had severe pelvic girdle pain and subsequent postnatal difficulties making exercise challenging and a very terrifying thought. I was extremely weak and unconfident about both my ability and tummies appearance. I saw my GP who informed me that it was unlikely to heal and may remain as it was. Surgery or low confidence seemed like the only option until I met Pip!!!!!!! Now nearly 4 months on I am confident and loosing weight too, ready for that little black Christmas number and the gap is now less than 1 finger space. - Hannah