Claire Collins

Holistic Core Restore Coach and Personal Trainer

About me

I have worked in the Fitness Industry since 1997 as a Fitness Instructor, Gym Manager, Personal Trainer and Class Instructor. I initially completed my Qualifications (Masters Diploma) with Premier Training and have since completed many specialist courses.

I have been teaching Buggyfit since January 2008 initially with the help of my daughters Ella and Ruby.

I love working with postnatal women and feel it is very important that women get the correct, safe and effective exercise help and advice at the time when their bodies need it most.

I have been a Holistic Core Restore® ambassador since March 2013.

The Holistic Core Restore® course has helped 100’s of women strengthen their pelvic floor and regain their pelvic floor health.

Claire's Qualifications

  • Diploma in Personal Training
  • Holistic Core Restore Coach

Service packages

Holistic Core Restore – 6 week live Early bird course

The price includes

- 6 Pelvic Floor and Core restoration training sessions
- An exercise kit…. Massage ball, pilates ball, dyna band, band with handles, mini band.
- Access to an exclusive online exercise and information website for life
- Detailed booklet
- Access to 2 nutrition plans
- You will receive weekly treats e.g. healthy snacks, juices, meditation and relaxation.
- gain access to an online facebook community, a weekly newsletter and regular text messages.
- be required to complete your homework exercises 4-5 times a week


  • Claire is extremely friendly and I can go at my own pace – this class has been beneficial to me in losing weight, toning up and working on my pelvic floor! I love that we all have our babies with us so I don’t mind when my daughter kicks off, and it’s great for getting out of the house and meeting other mums!
  • I have noticed a large difference in my feeling and engagement. I am able to engage the muscles for a more prolonged period of time. I feel more confident that I am in control of the tone and that this is something that I can be proactive about.
  • Claire helped me regain significant muscle control in my bladder so I can now sleep through the night. There is usually no urge to wake to use the toilet. This was my aim from the start