Heidi Nowalany

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in London

About me

As a Lactation Consultant in London, helping and supporting breastfeeding mothers and families has given me the privilege of supporting a rich diversity of needs and goals. Each experience is different.

I started my professional journey as a graduate from Washington University in St Louis. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree, I went on to gain clinical experience and work with hundreds of clients at clinics in Chicago and San Diego, whilst also co-founding and leading the Boob Group - a weekly breastfeeding support group, before moving to London.

Personally, I have lived it! As a fully-fledged breastfeeding mother of four, I navigated a new and different learning curve with each of my children. This culminated in a mother-baby partnership as unique as their little personalities. I had my own challenges to face along the way (just like many other nursing mums).

The experience of nursing my first child and the difficult beginning we had inspired me to want to work with other mums. Women, who like myself needed a bit of help and encouragement to find their way.

I provide my clients in London with information, guidance, a friendly, non-judgmental ear, and a toolkit of knowledge and techniques to draw upon. Further, my aim is to empower you in moving forward together, to find your solutions, and arm you with the confidence and coping strategies you need.

I am a member of the Committee of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain and a member of the LCGB communications, media and strategy groups as well as strategy group within the European Lactation Consultants Association.

Heidi's Qualifications

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Bachelor of Science degree, Washington University

Service packages

120mn home consultation

Available to any postcode starting with SW, W and NW

Meeting and assessment undertaken in your own home

Professional and friendly support, advice and information sharing
Assessment of mother and baby feeding
Breastfeeding position and latch are assessed
Scales used to assess how much milk baby has transferred
Identification of any practical issues plus educational tips and techniques provided to overcome practical issues
Reassurance and a non-judgmental positive regard
Formulation of a personalised breastfeeding plan
Availability via text, email and/or phone for follow up questions

Duration: 120 minutes

90mn Follow up visit

Available to any postcode starting with SW, W and NW

90mn Antenatal Breastfeeding bespoke consultation

Available to any postcode starting with SW, W and NW

The primary focus of the antenatal consultation (breastfeeding 101) is on breastfeeding in the first few hours and days after birth, as this can set the tone for how things go moving forward. Good antenatal education can benefit your entire breastfeeding experience. In the bespoke sessions, we also discuss your 'breastfeeding plan' to ensure that you know what to ask for and expect in the hospital.
This is a 90 minute bespoke consultancy that is personalised to meet your needs and your breastfeeding goals.

75mn Back to Work Whilst Breastfeeding bespoke consultation

Available to any postcode starting with SW, W and NW

The Back to Work Whilst Breastfeeding consultation is for mothers who plan to return to work, but would like to continue to provide breastmilk to their babies.
We discuss how to set up a pumping schedule, how to protect your milk supply whilst back at work, how to make sure your caregiver isn't overfeeding your baby, and legislation that protects the breastfeeding mother when she returns to work. It's best to book the consultation a few weeks before you return to work.

75mn Introduction to Solid Foods bespoke consultation

Available to any postcode starting with SW, W and NW

This consultation is meant to prepare you to navigate the world of starting solids. Along with Registered Dietitian and paediatric nutrition expert, Tamar Mallett, RD, we will guide you through the nutrition process: including what and how to feed your baby, introduction of common allergens and discussion about the key nutrients required for healthy development. We discuss how to make this transition to solid foods whilst continuing to breastfeed. This consultation is ideal as an overview for all parents, even if your child has already started solid foods.


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