Sharon George

Experienced Lactation Consultant working across London

About me

Sharon has been supporting families in her local area of south west London as well as across the city since 2009. Over that time she has helped hundreds of parents with a range of breastfeeding challenges, including issues such as positioning, tongue-tie or low milk supply. She particularly enjoys staying in touch with families and seeing them again with their second and subsequent babies.

Sharon also works as part of London Lactation Consultants, a group of colleagues who work together to provide mothers in the London area with access to professional, high quality breastfeeding support for their new families.

Sharon offers consultations during weekdays and weekends to visit mothers across London.

She has 3 children of her own, who have helped teach her that every child is different and that each mother-and-baby pair is unique.

Sharon's Qualifications

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Breastfeeding Counselling
  • Association of Chartered Accountants
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Service packages

90mn home consultation

Up to 60 minutes public transport from SW17

I offer a private visit in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you.

My aim during a visit is to give you the opportunity to explore and discuss what’s been happening for you and your baby. We can then work together to address practical issues and help you to set realistic expectations of your baby and yourself. I will answer any questions you have throughout our time together. My goal is to leave you feeling more confident and better able to navigate your way through the jungle of conflicting information, which so many new parents find themselves lost in. I will leave you with a plan and strategies for a way forward, so that you can better achieve your breastfeeding and mothering goals.

Initial visits last up to 90 minutes. This allows time to find out what’s been happening for your new family, talk about what you’d like to achieve and work on this together. At the end of the visit we will agree a feeding plan for moving forward.

Additional time is charged at £40 per half hour. The fee includes all travelling time and expenses.

60mn Follow up visit

Up to 60 minutes public transport from SW17

Subsequent visits offer an opportunity to review how the feeding plan has been working for you both, and to discuss any further options that you would like to explore or additional questions that you might have.

Duration: 60 minutes. The fee includes all travelling time and expenses.

Additional time is charged at £40 per half hour.

Telephone and videocall consultations

If you would prefer a telephone discussion about your current situation, or are too far away for me to visit, I am able to offer consultations by telephone or videocall (Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc).

These are charged at an initial £50 for up to 30 minutes and £22.50 per 15 minutes thereafter.


  • I simply could not recommend Sharon more. I didn’t realise just how important breastfeeding was to me until at six weeks in, a tongue tie cut (but still no joy), expressing 8 times a day, and feeding my milk through a bottle, I was desperate for ‘that bond’. It was just before Christmas and I seriously thought I’d left it too late. I contacted Sharon and within 24 hours she visited. Our journey wasn’t short because there is no quick fix or easy solution when learning how to breastfeed and it took guidance and patience from Sharon plus unwavering support. Sharon diagnosed that the first tongue tie had not been cut properly and although we’d managed to get my little girl to latch, it was still incredibly painful for me. So upon Sharon’s recommendation we quickly booked in to get it seen to again. Once we had that sorted (an outstanding recommendation from Sharon, with expert care) and we both had some practice under our belt - we were flying. And it was, for me, the best feeling in the world and easily the best thing I could have ever done. I am still moved when I think about those weeks where we were learning and Sharon’s compassion, care and advice was what got me through. She taught me the natural feeding position which meant my little girl was more in control and any damage already done to me could heal, even she was while feeding. Sharon had a wealth of knowledge and tips but most of all she was gentle with both me and my daughter, not forcing anything. She even let me have a few good cries - which funnily enough had a magical effect and later that day my daughter had latched properly for the first time. After my experience, I believe it’s as much about psychology as it is about positions and techniques and I will be forever indebted to Sharon for helping me through in the most lovely way possible. I believe it comes naturally when you have the right advice and support - it’s always taken a village to raise a child. So if you have that niggley feeling that you’re not ready to give up on breastfeeding your baby - I honestly implore you to get help - we are still going strong and I will never be able to thank Sharon enough.
  • Since you came to see us the transformation is unbelievable really. I no longer dread each feed, things are healing and my baby and I seem to be very comfortable with one another. Just 24 hrs after you came I was able to sit at lunch with a huge group of friends and feed while relaxed and chatting away. That would have been unimaginable before. I have been telling everyone about you!!
  • After the birth of my son I struggled with breastfeeding so my husband called Sharon who came around as soon as possible. The time we spent with her that day was the difference between me continuing to breastfeed my son for one year off one breast vs stopping entirely after a week. Sharon’s support over the first year was instrumental in the quality of time I spent with my son and as a family and I will forever be grateful.
  • During our 90 minute consultation Sharon helped me to understand where I had been going wrong, and also showed me several new positions - which have been working brilliantly for us. It was so valuable having someone who was very knowledgeable and had the time to really get to know me and my baby - and then point us in the right direction. I now feel more confident with my breastfeeding and therefore my ability as a parent! Thank you Sharon, this was a game changer for me.
  • Sharon was able to arrange an appointment within 24hrs and visited us on Day 3 after I had struggled with breastfeeding in the first few days and we had concerns over jaundice. Sharon was brilliant, she is extremely knowledgable and put me at ease straight away with her professional, calm approach. Sharon was able to give us new techniques to make sure both baby and I were comfortable in feeding and provide reassurance to me. Her support during the visit and continued contact afterwards meant my confidence grew and the advice she provided means I have a greater understanding of breastfeeding tailored to the needs of my baby. I am so pleased I contacted Sharon so early in my breastfeeding journey, we are now 11 days in and I feel confident in breastfeeding, even able to do so in public, and am enjoying the experience.
  • I am just emailing to say thank you again. After your help in improving my latch and healing my nipples, we have had no further issues at all. Breastfeeding has been a huge pleasure for us both - with no plans to stop any time in the foreseeable future.
  • Sharon was and has been so helpful that I saw her twice in my month in London and then have continued to get advice from her over Skype all the way from NZ. Can’t recommend her service enough. Empowering, empathetic and completely professional. Many thanks from me and my very happy still breastfeeding 10 month old boy.
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