Emma Gawne

Experienced holistic baby and infant sleep coach based in South West London

About me

Hi, I'm Emma!

I am a holistic sleep coach and founder of Help Baby Sleep. I work with families like yours to create the optimal environment and setting for sleep.

Using my extensive knowledge of sleep science and what is developmentally appropriate for your baby, I help identify patterns, behaviours and external factors that may be contributing to baby sleep problems. I will then work with you to develop a tailored plan including practical tools and techniques focused on improving sleep routines for your baby which will benefit the whole family.

I feel passionately about helping to afford you the rest and downtime that you so desperately need when you have young children to look after. I am also a member of the IACSC and The Association of Birth and Baby Professionals.

As a mum to two young children, Freddie and Emilia I have first-hand experience of implementing many of my holistic and gentle techniques to help improve sleep for all the family.

If you would like to book a free 15 minute discovery call with me please don't hesitate to contact me Emma@helpbabysleep.co.uk

Emma's Qualifications

  • Member of IACSC (International Association of Child Sleep Consultants)
  • Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant - IMPI - 2018
  • OCN Level 3 Sleep Training
  • Enhanced DBS
  • BA Hons degree in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol

Service packages

SOS Sleep Care Call

This is ideal if you have a standalone issue that you need advice .

Our call can last up to one hour and during that time we will focus on one specific sleep issue. This could include a range of challenges such as nap transitions and timings, when to reduce night/day feeds, tantrums at bedtime, managing jet lag or sleep away from home.

Please note that these are a call only and doesn’t include any follow up.

Telephone or Skype Care Consultation – plus 6 week sleep support plan

Following our initial call, I will ask you to fill out a sleep diary for either 48 hours or 5 days depending on the urgency of your situation.

Your telephone or Skype care call baby sleep consultation package will include:
- 60 – 90 minutes in-depth call during which we will discuss what your child’s sleep needs are and pin-point any worries your are having
- Bespoke sleep care plan within 48 hours of our call
- 3 weeks of unlimited phone and email support
- Following the initial 3 weeks there is a further 3 weeks of email support

Home Care Baby Sleep Consultation – plus 6 week sleep support plan

Following our initial call, I will ask you to fill out a sleep diary for either 48 hours or 5 days depending on the urgency of your situation

Your home care consultation package will include:
- home visit for approx. 2.5 hours. During this time we will discuss what your child’s sleep needs are and pin point any worries your are having.
- bespoke sleep care plan within 48 hours of my visit.
- 3 weeks of unlimited phone and email support
- after the intitial 3 week intensive support, there is an additional 3 weeks of email support

Some clients find it beneficial for me to come and see them in person. It is an opportunity to see your child’s sleep environment. I can then make appropriate recommendations to help your child as well as helping you with any worries you are having. This is especially useful if you would like me to see your child in person, particularly if personality or behaviour is playing a part in sleeping/behavioural difficulties.

NB: At present Home Care Consultations are only available for London and the surrounding areas.


  • "Thank you so much for your help! 3 days into your support and Will was sleeping through the night for the first time ever! After 8 months of waking every 2/3 hours it happened so quickly I couldn’t quite believe it! Your sleep foundations are so effective, I just wish I’d called you sooner. 3 months on and Will is still sleeping really well. His nights are still disturbed when he’s unwell or teething but it’s gone from hourly waking to just once or twice a night when he needs us. My aim was to help him sleep as well as possible before I go back to work and that was very much achieved and we are very, very grateful!" Emma Mum to Will (8 months)
  • “Emma helped to tweak our bedtime routine with some really lovely ideas to set up sleep ques and remove certain sleep associations. We took a gradual approach and worked to our time line which really paid off. We are now seeing our 16th month old confidently fall asleep on his own in his cot and self soothe in the night. We never thought we would get to this! Thanks so much Emma for your help and amazing advice." Danielle Mum to Arlo (16 months)
  • The support Emma has given us I would consider invaluable! We were heavily sleep deprived and it was affecting all areas and quality of life when we first started working with her. Emma helped me to believe in myself and my abilities. She helped me find my own confidence in supporting our baby and his sleep. She did this through her massive knowledge across so many areas of sleep and her calm understanding. She didn’t promise miracles, and I didn’t need that! But she gave us a sleep plan that worked for OUR baby, constant advice and reading material along the way to support us. I cannot recommend her enough, thank you for everything. Natalie Mum to Aiden (7 Months)
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