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NCT antenatal course

NCT’s antenatal courses are a fun and informative way to find out everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and life as a parent. People often form lifelong friendships with the other families they meet. New parents whose employers have joined Peppy’s employee benefit programme can now enjoy discounts on NCT antenatal courses.

Giving families the best possible start

Peppy is proud to partner with NCT, the UK’s leading charity for parents, to offer a discount on NCT’s antenatal courses to soon-to-be parents whose employers have joined Peppy’s employee benefit scheme.

The partnership makes it easier for employers to support their employees when they need it most – during pregnancy and early parenthood. Both Peppy and NCT share a mission of supporting parents through this important life transition, giving families the best possible start.

Dr Sarah McMullen, Head of Knowledge, NCT says, “It is so important that expectant and new parents can access good quality support during pregnancy and the early weeks and months with a new baby. Becoming a parent can bring so much happiness, but it’s also a very challenging and isolating time with a very real impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re really excited about the potential for Peppy to help many more parents access quality and timely support through their employee benefits scheme.”

60 years of helping parents prepare for the adventure ahead

From the day you find out you’re pregnant, your mind will be spinning with a million questions about pregnancy, labour and beyond.

NCT has more than 60 years of experience in supporting new mums and dads, which means you can rely on their knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. All NCT courses are led by specially trained practitioners who understand what matters to new mums and dads and can answer all your questions and concerns – be they emotional or practical.

Fun and informative

NCT’s antenatal courses get you ready for everything parenthood might throw at you. With helpful classes, group work and practical sessions, they make learning about your new baby fun.

NCT courses aren’t like those you might see online, or get at your maternity unit or hospital. With NCT you get the time and attention to explore what’s important to you.

Although NCT courses are famously friendly and relaxed, supporting parents is taken very seriously. With NCT, you know you’ll be getting the independent, evidence-based information you need to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Creating friendships that last a lifetime

NCT courses bring together local parents whose babies are due around the same time. Many mums and dads form lifelong friendships with the other parents they meet. Whether it’s weekly coffees or celebrating birthdays, the bonds you and your baby form with other families can last well beyond your course.

Added benefits

NCT membership also allows you to access a wide range of benefits, including discounts at major retailers, free legal advice and low-cost holidays – a little extra help when it matters most.

Employers can learn more about becoming a Peppy partner here.

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