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Peppy for Employees

Connect with an expert practitioner through your smartphone.

Any question, any time.

No more frustrating Google searches and no need to rely on friends and family who – let's face it – may not be giving you the best evidence-based advice.

It's reassuring and incredibly convenient. Like having an expert friend on the end of the phone.

If you've only just registered, your Peppy practitioner will send you a welcome text very soon.

Exercising after giving birth can be the last thing on a mum's mind. But it's important to be active and healthy, and to do so in a safe and sustainable way.

Our exercise practitioners are experts in women's health. They'll only recommend exercises which are safe, fun and effective.

All courses are streamed live so they're accessible through any connected device. Sessions typically last 20 minutes and take place 3 times per week. You can log into as many sessions as you like.

We all know that life can sometimes start to feel overwhelming as a new parent and that having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

All of our mental health support practitioners have the highest level qualifications and have been interviewed to assess their real world experience of supporting new parents.

Sessions will be allocated by our chat practitioners on an as-needed basis. All sessions are conducted by telephone and last up to an hour. Note that the calls are not appropriate for trauma and other complex conditions.

Some breastfeeding issues can only be resolved with a comprehensive home visit.

Our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants have at least 4-5 years' training, including a minimum of 1,000 clinical hours working with breastfeeding mums.

They'll be able to teach you the best techniques to guide you towards more effective breastfeeding. They'll also help to improve your overall confidence.

Visits will be allocated by our chat practitioners on an as-needed basis. Visits last up to 90 minutes and include follow-up support.

For the most in-depth baby sleep support, our plan includes an online video call with one of our certified baby sleep consultants. All of our consultants meet the strict International Association of Child Sleep Consultants membership criteria and have been handpicked by industry experts.

Our consultants will work with you to create a sleep plan that will work well with you, your baby and other family members. They will send you the plan after the call and help to ensure that you understand it fully.

Video calls last 90 minutes and include a month's follow-up support including daily check-in texts.

Calls be allocated by our chat practitioners on an as-needed basis. Video calls last up to 90 minutes and include follow-up support.

To a greater or lesser degree, every mum becomes a different person after giving birth and many women struggle to adjust to the realities of balancing work and family responsibilities. Talking about and reflecting on the challenges before returning to work can make a huge difference.

We work with certified coaches who have deep experience of helping working mums successfully navigate the back to work experience. Our package includes 3 sessions of up to an hour each.

Exclusive discounts on a range of women's health products that have been recommended by our pre and postnatal practitioners.

Only available to employees of Peppy clients