As a startup we are always looking for ways to improve and ultimately provide the very best service to our customers. We ran a short survey to see how we were doing and are proud to share some pretty amazing feedback:

“Thank you to my wonderful employer, the CBI, in providing access to such a great benefit through Peppy. After having my baby, and having difficulties breastfeeding, I was connected through to Zoe, an incredible lactation consultant who helped me when I needed it most! It has meant so much to my family and I and we are so grateful for this vital service & support”
Mum at CBI

“The service Peppy has provided has been brilliant – we found it quick, easy to use and incredibly useful in addressing the issues we had.”
New parents at Penguin Random House

“We have always prioritised supporting parents in the workplace, and taking part in Peppy keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation in this space”
Ray Berg Managing Partner, Osborne Clarke LLP

Kantar Media wants to support our employees whatever their stage of life so it is wonderful to be able to offer something to new parents with Peppy”
Margot Swadley, Global Head of Inclusivity and Diversity, Kantar Media.