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About me

Firstly, congratulation on becoming a parent.
As you will have already noticed, this little bundle has you currently experiencing a real mixed bag of emotions. From tears of joy, sadness, exhilaration & exhaustion and that can all be in just 1 day. Dont worry I help you with these. So I wish to ask you, how often do find yourself saying to yourself, I wish my baby would just sleep contently each night? Why won't they just take a naps for longer than 30mins?
If so, then you have found the right person to help you answer these questions with you.
Please let me explain a bit more about who I am, and why I will be the best fit in helping you and your family.
I am Lisa Gargaro, a holistic sleep consultant, a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapist) with knowledge in child psychology meaning I can help you gentle and authentically with your families sleep issues.
Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co was created out of my love of holistic family-centered care, which is focused around baby and infant sleep. As a pediatric holistic sleep consultant, I work alongside parents who have found themselves in the situation of being exhausted and overwhelmed. My role in helping parent sleep train their child is one of guidance and support for the parents. Which will help them regain their confidence in the parenting, or for new parents, to actually believe they are able, willing and fantastic at parenting their child with confidence.
Why I feel having support is so essential in the ability to become a confident well-informed parent.
As with everything new that we find ourselves having to take on, a major key component to you being able to actually succeed, is having the support and knowledge of those around you who have the knowledge, skill whether this be a tutor, co-worker, peer or expert. This is the key to success. Yes, of course, we can all read a book or read a website (like mine) or other blogs on the subject. You may even have or find yourself watching my or other people’s videos on it. However, there is nothing that is as good or compares to it as the personalized one-to-one support I would give you. My knowledge has been built up over many years from various means. With my career journey starting out with me being a mother similar to yourself. Having children who would not sleep either when they were younger, while I tried and tested with all the suggested means and methods I could find in a book, online or from those I met who were all so happy and willing to share their take on how best to get your child to sleep. To finally and most helpful, my move into my formal and varied qualifications. These range in many areas, from child behavior, advanced child psychology, and development, right up to my proudest and pertinent achievement. My university degree level qualification, my Level 5 Holistic sleep coaching.
So?! I hear you say. And, that is all very well and good, but what does this all mean?! What and how does this make a difference to me right now? That’s OK. Your right to ask those questions. In fact, I welcome those questions. Let me explain why. To me, I feel these are valuable points to make as it means I have been there and done it all myself. Meaning it allows me to be in the best place to help your family as this enables me to empathize with you. I know exactly what it feels like right now, how the struggle with sleep deprivation takes over your whole life. Making the decision of whether it’s a cup of tea or coffee seem like an enormous life-changing one which you cannot answer. By me having also been that “mother” who understands completely how it feels do and try everything in her power and knowledge at that moment to help her baby get the sleep they need, yet all they find is that it somehow it still does not work for her.…
I know and understand at that point thinking, even mind asking the question where do you go right now for help, and be the right answers for us is really hard? This is where my role becomes invaluable in my opinion, and those clients I have already helped. I can be that person to you and your family. It is during the time we work together, (and at any point, you may need my help) I will take everyone in the families hand, where and when it is needed to ensure we all work together every step of the journey. Support you where and when you need it. This is where my knowledge and qualifications come into their own. As I explained I have over the years gained valuable knowledge and understanding about how best to handle a variety of situations. From that daily day to day stuff, to right up to finding more creative solutions to help match your beautifully unique and individual family circumstances. This is what is not readily available in a book or on the internet. It is not personalized to you. Also, to be honest with you, who has the time or energy to troll through them all to find the possible answers if you are fortunate enough to be able to when you have a young baby, child or both in your hands?
A personalized plan that will work now, while standing you in good stead for the future. Making is key.
All my personalized programs are individually created from all the information you provide me with your own unique family situation. I take all of what I know and apply the right answers at the right time, in the right order to ensure we are able to change it all now. While this is done in the most gentle and holistic authentic way for your family. It is also important to be able to consider, plan and preparing you as parents for the challenging and trickier points which may occur in the future. With me being proactive in the creation of your sleep programs, I can help you by teaching and ensuring you all understand the key principles being your child behavior and what it can really be able? What is it your child is really asking of you when they behave and retort in a certain manner? By putting the best foundations in place this then allows you as a parent to be able to build and adapt these key fundamental structures in the future, to any age and circumstance you will find your family in the years to come. It is with all of that in mind that when I create a sleep program, that I create it in an easy step by step, night by night, week by week method which is easy, simple to follow. By doing this, it ensures you will always be able to the answers you need quickly at hand. Meaning you will always be simply and effectively able to handle scenarios that you find thing life puts your way with regards your little’s one’s sleep as they grow and develop through the years to come ahead.
Making you a truly workable and flexible routine.
Routine and consistency is key to everything. This is the basis of the programs that I will individually create to your child's needs. By taking into consideration all of the factors you inform me off such as age, temperament and their own natural rhythms I can truly personalize a program to your own individual family ethos. While I create this program, I also consider and aware that you are wishing to sleep train your baby you may well have to care for other siblings while you do this sleep training your baby, or you might need to be able to support or carry out work commitments - fully and to the best of your ability when it is needed during this time also. I, therefore, carefully consider all of these factors when I personally create your family’s program. With all of this in mind, I endeavor to ensure that you, either individually or as a family becomes tied to the house, by having to follow such a restrictive schedule and in the end an unmanageable routine. In fact, I will be very open and positive in the opposite direction. Instead, I will actively encourage you to make sure you do not become isolated and cut off by ensuring you do venture out to take part in those yummy mummy coffee and chat mornings or any of the local classes with other mummies and babies whenever you can. 😉
To be and actually enjoy being that parent you dreamt you would and want to be.
When we had our dreams of being a parent, it didn’t look anything like what you are currently experiencing, or certainly, mine did not! What did you dream of as a parent? What did it look like? My dream and passion are to help those families out there who feel they have become detached or find themselves miles off from the dream they had had when they decided to start a family together. I wish for nothing more than to be able to help you as a family start living the dream you had of how you imagined parenthood to be. Simply put that you instead of being disheartened or dreading the next day with your child, you instead look forward and enjoy being a parent to your child. Family trips out become exactly what you imagined, fun, enjoyable and creating happy positive memories for you to all share later on in life. Making it a happy and positive family journey. The best way to help ensure you start off on the right foot, as they say, is to ensure you are all getting enough sleep. By doing just this alone it will allow you to enjoy your day as your well-rested baby will be more contented and happier, you will find yourself being more patient, tolerant and understand for each other, making it a start for a great daily adventure together. So please believe me when I say being a parent does not mean you have to be tired and exhausted all the time. In fact, I wish to just take this ideal moment and use it to squash that myth!! This is not what parenting is about. You do not have to just get on with it, suck it up as it is what being a parent is about. You don’t have to wear it as the privileged badge of honor, that by the fact you only got 4-5hours sleep last night yet you are still in work/driving/ functioning daily. I wish to state that this is so far from the truth it’s really not funny.
So, if you are reading this thinking, oh I wish my baby would: Be able to happily, and easily settle to sleep at bedtime, be able to sleep 10-12 hours at night, to be able to take daily naps which are all always predictable with them being long and restful.
Then you have come to the right place and I can help you with this, starting now. The testimonials included also show how my past clients have benefited from the positive effects the program has had on their family and how it has help them all in parenting.
This is a little insight into who I am, and all that is left to say is I would love to extend an invitation to you, personally, to speak with myself about your own families sleep situations. I will be very honored to be allowed to find out more about your own family sanctuary when we speak about your current and very personal families scenario where I will briefly discuss with you in a little bit more detail how I can help your family sleep better. Please believe me when I say I will offer you a safe, non-judgemental and loving space where we can work together for the greater good of your family. This is the main reason why I dont prioritize home visits, instead offer this service via video and telephone calls. I am not there to judge your home environment and to find out if you are "on top of everything" as those health visitor calls can be partly about. I am here only to focus on your families sleep and do this to the best of everyone abilities in a kind, caring and supportive manner. I do however understand that when you are sleep deprived, understandably the "tidiness" of the family home is usually one of the first things to suffer. So, if you have found yourself in this situation wishing to change this, then let's work together to help you reverse that sleep debt. Getting everyone well rested once again making every daily life not so much of a struggle.
To book a call with me now, simply click below and follow the onscreen prompts, selecting the correct time zone. Then select the best day and time to suits you from my availability.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and look forward to the opportunity to work alongside your family to create better sleep for everyone.
My business motto is ‘Let’s just sleep’.
I passionately believe that everything can be made better by having a good sleep. 😊

Lisa's Qualifications

  • Child Physiology – March 2017 – Received with distinction
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – April 2018 – Received with distinction
  • OCN Level 5 Holistic Sleep Coaching with 8 credits
  • The Sleep Sense Pediatric Sleep Consultancy Certification
  • The Sleep Sense Adult Sleep Consultancy Certification

Service packages

Family Sleep Programs

When sleepless nights strike your family, it can consume your life. Simple things, even daily tasks, feel impossible. The skills for sleep seem impossible to achieve in the fastpaced world we live in today. This is where I can help you by showing you how to turn things around and get the sleep you need.

Not only will you receive your customized family sleep plan, but I will also be there to help every step of the way over the weeks ahead while encouraging and supporting you throughout, as well as helping you troubleshoot the tough times.


+ A preliminary assessment of your family’s sleep habits through a comprehensive online questionnaire about your current sleeping, complete a weekly food and drink diary, work and daily life’s routines prior to our virtual meeting.

+ A private, 60-90 minute meeting or phone consultation. We’ll discuss the sleep strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night wakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with by using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) methods.

+ A holistic, detailed, fully customized sleep plan for each member up to three people*. A customized sleep plan is presented at the conclusion of our private or telephone consultation.

+ A 60-minute phone or home consultation* to review the sleep plan, answer questions, discuss strategies for the successful implementation.

+ 4 weeks, with weekly 30-minute follow-up phone calls or meetings following the consultation and the implementation of the programme. We will deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

+ 4 weeks of unlimited follow-up emails to ensure successful implementation of your sleep plan.

Infant Package 4-13 Months

This service is perfect for parents of infants ages 4-13 months. Services include:

+ A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you will fill out prior to our meeting.

+ A private 90 minutes consultation where we will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address bedtime, nap time, night wakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

+ A holistic detailed, fully customized sleep plan.

+ Daily sleep log.

+ Two weeks of support, with 4 follow-up phone calls and five follow-up e-mails

If you would prefer the consultation to take place in the comfort of your home with a nursery/bedroom assessment, the in-home infant full-service sleep consultation package is £350 with T&C *. * subject to being in your location & date being confirmed.

Newborn Package 0-3 Months

This service is perfect for expectant parents and newborns. Services include:
+ A preliminary evaluation that will include a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you will fill out prior to our meeting.

+ A private 90 minutes consultation where we will discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address bedtime, nap time, night wakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

+ A holistic detailed, fully customised sleep plan. This will be dependant on whether your little one is still expected or if they have already arrived.

+ Daily sleep log.

+ Two weeks of support, with 4 follow-up phone calls and five follow-up e-mails.

If you would prefer the consultation to take place in the comfort of your home with a nursery assessment, the in-home newborn full-service sleep consultation package is £175.


  • Thank to Lisa and all her help, support and advise we have managed to get my 16 month old daughter sleeping 11 hours from only sleeping 4-5 at a time and many nights screaming all night! She has been a life saver for us as a family and always happy to help in anyway she can! It’s a fantastic service and with some hard work we are all finally getting some well derserved sleep! I will defiantly be recommending her to people and will 100% use her again in needed! Thanks Lisa The Hill Family
  • Amazing! Honestly, I can’t thank Lisa enough! Within 3/4 nights she got my almost three-year-old daughter sleeping through the night – and as she’s always been a poor sleeper this is no mean feat! Thank you!!! Sarah, Mother of Jessica
  • My Thoughts: Lisa has been a great help to my family. She always called on time and was straight to the point which helped me when I doubted myself. Thank you so much .. I have a well-rested baby! Thanks again Lisa xx Priscilla, Mother of Ava
  • ‘’My daughter had always been a terrible sleeper, waking up several times during the night, reliant on the dummy and co sleeping since she was born, not forgetting the only way she would sleep during the day was in her bouncer getting bounced to sleep. Contacting Lisa was the best decision we made, not only was she very professional her approach and plan for Maya considered our thoughts as parents. I wasn’t expecting sleep training to work but to my amazement within the first 3 nights maya was sleeping independently on her own no dummy no bouncing. It’s literally changed our lives, cannot thank you enough for your support, we finally are all getting good sleep again and we have a very happy baby with structure and routine to her day. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a reliable and friendly sleep consultant.’’ Neha Patel, mother of 6month of Maya
  • Thank you isn't enough to express our gratitude for what you have taught us and our daughter. I was skeptical to begin with and thought what could you possibly tell us that a book couldn’t but it’s the personalisation and the one to one support you offered us that makes it different and it’s worked! She now sleeps a solid 12 hours a night and has good quality naps during the day independently. To all the dads out there that are in two minds, if there’s anything I’ve learnt from this experience it is that Lisa knows what she’s talking about and if she can help us I have no doubt she can do the same for you and your family! Thank you Lisa once again, me and my family will forever be grateful. Hiren Patel, father of Maya

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