Elvie Trainer

An award-winning Kegel trainer for a stronger pelvic floor.

Better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy.

Fun workouts. Results in less than 4 weeks.

Recommended by over 1,000 health professionals.




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Your pelvic floor is a priority.
Pelvic floor problems, including incontinence, affect 1 in 3 women, and up to 80% of new mothers.

Kegel exercises strengthen and tone your pelvic floor, putting an end to unwanted leaks. But it’s difficult to work out muscles you can’t see.

Elvie Trainer cuts out all of the guesswork. Real-time guidance Elvie Trainer visualizes your pelvic floor movements in real time using biofeedback, guides you through the exercises and tracks your progress. As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, a gem on the app lifts in response to the strength of the contraction.

Real-time guidance
Elvie Trainer visualizes your pelvic floor movements in real time with biofeedback, a mind-body technique often used by health care professionals for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Proactive monitoring
Understanding the way you exercise is essential. 30% of women push down when doing their Kegels, which can lead to damage. Our patented technology measures force and motion that can detect incorrect contraction and helps you to improve your technique.

Built with women in mind
Winner of more than 13 awards and loved by women worldwide, Elvie Trainer is very small, smooth and comfortable. It comes with an optional cover for custom sizing and is designed to fit all kind of body shapes.

Made to motivate
With the help of experts, we designed a unique set of fun, 5-minute exercises that give your pelvic floor a full workout. Think of Elvie Trainer as your most personal trainer, who challenges your fast-twitch muscles and helps you to build strength. Track your progress over time all in one place.

Expert recommended
Over 1,000 health experts including physiotherapists, obstetricians and personal trainers recommend our Kegel trainer and we are proud to say that we are working in partnership with the NHS Supply Chain.

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