NCT antenatal course discount

NCT’s antenatal courses get you ready for everything parenthood might throw at you. With helpful classes, group work and practical sessions, they make learning about your new baby fun. With NCT you’ll be fully prepared for the truly life-changing event that is childbirth.




The world’s best antenatal course

NCT courses aren’t like those you might see online or get at your maternity unit or hospital. With NCT you get the time and attention to explore what’s important to you.

Although NCT courses are famously friendly and relaxed, supporting parents is taken very seriously. With NCT, you know you’ll be getting the independent, evidence-based information you need to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Creating friendships that last a lifetime

NCT courses bring together local parents whose babies are due around the same time. Many mums and dads form lifelong friendships with the other parents they meet. Whether it’s weekly coffees or celebrating birthdays, the bonds you and your baby form with other families can last well beyond your course.

Sign me up!

1. Ensure that you have at least £100 of your employer-funded allowance remaining.

2. Go to the NCT’s website, choose a course and pay for the course directly with the NCT.

3. Email your purchase confirmation to and we’ll transfer the £100 discount to you straight away.

Discount only available if your employer has signed up to Peppy.

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